Why Does Jewellery Tarnish? And How to Prevent It

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Jewellery is a precious possession that we often hold dear to our hearts. We wear it to make a statement, to express ourselves and to enhance our style. However, as much as we love our jewellery, it is susceptible to tarnishing. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind jewellery tarnishing and provide tips on how to prevent it.

What Causes Jewellery Tarnish?

Jewellery tarnishing occurs when the metal in the jewellery reacts with the surrounding environment. This reaction causes a chemical reaction on the surface of the jewellery, causing it to lose its lustre and shine. There are several reasons why jewellery tarnishes, including:

  1. Exposure to air and moisture

  2. Contact with chemicals such as perfumes and lotions

  3. Contact with sweat and oils from the skin

  4. Exposure to certain elements in the environment, such as sulfur and chlorine

How to Prevent Jewellery Tarnishing

Preventing jewellery from tarnishing is not difficult. By taking good care of your jewellery, you can prevent tarnish from forming and keep your jewellery looking new for longer. Here are some tips on how to prevent jewellery tarnish:

    1. Store Your Jewellery Properly:

      Proper storage is one of the most important things you can do to prevent jewellery tarnish. Store your jewellery in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. You can store your jewellery in a jewellery box or pouch.

    1. Clean Your Jewellery Regularly:

      Regular cleaning is essential to keep your jewellery looking new. Clean your jewellery with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or chemicals that can cause damage to your jewellery.

    1. Remove Your Jewellery Before Showering or Swimming:

      Water can cause your jewellery to tarnish quickly. It is best to remove your jewellery before showering or swimming to prevent it from getting wet.

    1. Avoid Contact with Chemicals:

      Chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, and hairspray can cause jewellery tarnish. It is best to avoid wearing jewellery when applying these products.

    1. Wear Your Jewellery Often:

      Wearing your jewellery often can help prevent tarnish from forming. The natural oils in your skin can help keep your jewellery shiny and new.

Types of Jewellery That Tarnish the Most

While all jewellery can tarnish, some types of jewellery are more prone to tarnishing than others. Here are some of the types of jewellery that tarnish the most:

    1. Silver Jewellery:

      Silver jewellery is prone to tarnishing due to its high reactivity with sulfur and oxygen in the air.

    1. Copper Jewellery:

      Copper jewellery is also prone to tarnishing due to its high reactivity with the environment.

    1. Brass Jewellery:

      Brass jewellery contains copper and zinc, both of which are reactive with the environment and can cause tarnishing.

    1. Gold-Plated Jewellery:

      Gold-plated jewellery can tarnish quickly if the plating wears off, exposing the base metal to the environment.

In conclusion, jewellery tarnish is an unfortunate side effect of the chemical reaction between metals and the environment. However, by following the tips we’ve provided in this blog post, you can prevent jewellery tarnish and keep your jewellery looking new and shiny.

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